Most people don’t like to think about what happens when they will no longer be walking on this earth.  Wouldn’t it be nice to know that even though you are gone, your planned giving to Autism Evansville would be part of your legacy?

Consider this story…

Lucinda had a grandson who was diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder.  Living  several states apart, and only able to visit once or twice a year, it was difficult for Lucinda to understand the impact that autism had on her grandson, and the entire family.  She knew that her grandson struggled in social situations, and the family did not go out of the house much because of it.   Lucinda decided to ask the estate attorney who managed her will about setting up a bequest fund. Lucinda‘s grandson had told her how much he enjoyed Autism Evansville’s Family Fun Nights.  He liked the fact that he felt welcomed, accepted, and there were other kids there he could play with.  His mom and dad enjoyed attending the Parent/Caregiver Support Group too.  Like their son, they felt a sense of belonging there.  By setting up a bequest fund in Autism Evansville’s name, Lucinda felt good that her legacy would include a gift to a cause which not only would benefit her own family, but other families as well in the years to come.

If you have questions about planned giving, please contact us at 812-202-9405.