Autism Research Opportunity – Ball State University

Sometimes we receive requests for information to be collected from the people we serve.  We would like to give our constituents the opportunity to participate in surveys to help those researching autism to collect their data.  We recently received this request:

Hello, my name is Grace Yoder, and I’m a graduate student at Ball State University. I’m writing a paper on parents of children with autism and your input would be a great help. I’m gathering information on how parents of children with autism cope with stress and how that relates to other aspects of their lives. According to other research that has been done, parents of children with autism have higher levels of stress than parents of children who are neurotypical or have other developmental disabilities. My hope is that research like this can help us to learn how to best help you with that stress. The survey takes around 10-15 minutes to complete. Thank you so much for your assistance, and all you do for your child.

If you are willing to participate, follow the link below: