Resources for Adults Affected by Autism

We are here to help in all stages of life.

Living with Adult ASD

Living with adult autism can be a unique and challenging experience. It is important for individuals with autism to have access to resources and support to help them navigate these challenges and showcase their strengths. With proper support, individuals with autism can lead fulfilling and successful lives. Autism Evansville is here to do just that.


The Arc of Southwest Indiana

The Arc Southwest Indiana supports employment opportunities for individuals with varying disabilities at Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indiana.  These opportunities include training and job experiences, within the TMMI plant, on both gold and blue shift, as well as our Inclusive Talent program.  The Inclusive Talent program is a 12-week apprenticeship that offers all-inclusive training with the goal of a full-time job offer upon completion.  All opportunities offer competitive pay and benefits for full-time individuals.  For more information call The Arc Southwest Indiana at 812.386.6312 or visit our website.


The guardianship process takes approximately nine to ten months to complete, so parents/caregivers will want to begin this process, if eligible and applicable to your child,  before the individual turns 18. Guardianship gives the parents/caretakers permission to talk to their child’s doctors, as well as advocate on their behalf. Family Law Attorney Brian Carroll has years of expertise in this area and has helped hundreds of families obtain guardianship.

Brian K Carroll

Phone: 812-205-2661
Address: 2230 W Franklin St, Evansville, IN 47719

Vocational Rehabilitation Services

VR is a program within the Bureau of Rehabilitation Services (BRS) that helps people with disabilities prepare for, obtain and retain employment by working closely with a counselor.

Special Education after High School

Education is an essential aspect of life that can help individuals with autism reach their full potential and lead a fulfilling life. After completing high school, there are various opportunities available for autistic individuals to continue their education.

Other Steps to Consider

Your child may be eligible for SSI – There is always the possibility they could qualify, even if they can hold a job. Parents/caregivers will want to set up their will/trust so that the child doesn’t inherit your estate, which would eradicate their eligibility for SSI. Instead, parents/caregivers will want to set up a trust and appoint someone to handle that trust, which protects the child from losing benefits they are eligible for.

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