Help for Now and the Future

The brochure to the right is available free of charge to anyone in Indiana who is concerned with the development of young children. To receive a copy, contact the Indiana Resource Center for Autism at (812) 855-6508.

Your first step after receiving an Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis:

Contact the Indiana Bureau of Developmental Disability Services (BDDS).  This acronynm is commonly referred to as “beads”.  Tell them your child has received the diagnosis and ask for them to help you with the steps it takes to get the child on the Family Supports Waiver.  Determination is made by need, and the CHILD cannot have more than $2,000 in their own name at any time during or after the application process.  REGARDLESS OF THE FAMILY’S INCOME OR ASSETS, the child will be considered if the $2,000 rule FOR THE CHILD is followed and the Medicaid application is correctly submitted.  Once Medicaid has been approved, you will be assigned a representative to assist with applying for the Family Supports Waiver and if accepted (based on a 20-question survey), placed on a wait list (current waiting time is less than one year).  The Family Supports Waiver gives the child an annual budget of over $16,000 for a variety of services including respite,  therapies, Participant Assistance and Care (PAC) and more.  Visit the BDDS website  for more information:

To find service providers and other resources:

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