Nora Whelan


Nora Whelan has been a Board Member of Autism Evansville for 2019, and currently holds the title of Secretary.

In her own words, Nora describes why she serves on the board: “I was diagnosed on the autism spectrum in the summer of 2018, after having several social struggles and the possibility being suggested to me. I learned so much after reading about autism and listening to podcasts and connecting online with other autistic adults. I wanted to serve in the local area to be able to help those on the spectrum better understand themselves, and help non-autistics better understand those on the spectrum.

At Autism Evansville, we are a place where families impacted by autism can be themselves.”

Nora works full-time in eCommerce and enjoys volunteering at her church. She also really enjoys making art, which has recently been in the form of painting in her own style that she calls One Wild Shape.

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