Family Fun Activities

Our Family Fun Activities bring individuals who have autism spectrum disorder, their siblings and parents together in a supportive recreational environment. It’s a time that provides children and adolescents on the spectrum with opportunities for positive social interaction beyond the school setting and standard community recreation programs.

Because Autism Evansville understands the challenges of entertaining the whole family at one time, parents of children affected by ASD are invited to bring the family to these events, where they will enjoy themselves in a setting that gives everyone a sense of belonging.

These FREE events are held throughout the year at Plaza Park School, (7301 Lincoln Avenue, in Evansville), The Children’s Museum of Evansville (CMOE), and Walther’s Golf & Fun.  Families register at the door.

Our friends at Walther’s Golf & Fun do their best to keep noise to a minimum, turning game machines down to the lowest volume.

Because these events are brought to you by Autism Evansville, please do not call the venue for information.  Contact us at 812-202-9405 or email  Please DO check the Calendar section of our website for Family Fun dates.  Also visit our  Photo Album to see families enjoying our previous fun activities!